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PHP Sort Multidimensional Array with asort


PHP XML Header

Eclipse PDT Shortcut Keys


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Drupal resources

Last tutorials

Page scroll, page variables

Drupal 7 page speed optimization
Drupal page optimization by reducing the number of css and js files

Drupal site setup
Chosing modules, configuring Drupal, optimizing for speed etc

Clean file names
Scripts for removing spaces and converting uppercase to lowercase in file names


Drupal multi-site custom robots.txt file
Custom robots.txt file for each site in a Drupal multi-site installation

Drupal Replace Tokens Module
Replace Tokens Module for Drupal 7. Add and edit the variables, use them in text (content and blocks) and have them replaced with their real values.

Linux commands and examples
Various Linux commands and examples

Drupal resources
Drupal 7 examples: drush, multi site installation robots.txt

Javascript array push and join methods
Javascript array push and join methods