Image and PDF Processing with imagemagick

Image resizing

Convert all jpg files in a directory (not overwriting the original files)

for i in `ls *.jpg`; do convert -resize 200 -quality 80 $i sml_$i; done

 Only height is fixed

for i in `ls *.jpg`; do convert -resize x200 -quality 80 $i sml_$i; done

PDF resizing

Resize PDF cu imagemagick

Resizing with fixed width and keeping proportions

mogrify -resize 800 /desktop/file_to_resize.pdf

Resizing with fixed width and height

mogrify -resize 800x600 /desktop/file_to_resize.pdf

Image to pdf

convert file.jpg file.pdf

Convert and merge multiple image files into one pdf file

convert file1.jpg file2.jpg file3.jpg file.pdf

Extract images from pdf

convert -verbose  -density 300 -trim file.pdf -quality 90 images.jpg

Image information

identify -verbose image.jpg

Remove exif data

mogrify -strip image.jpg