Port Redirect

Bypass SMTP port (25) restriction for sending email

Short answer

redir --syslog --lport=255 --cport=25&

Suppose that your internet provider has cut out the SMTP port (25) for sending email and you want to use your favorite email client (like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook) to send mail not a web interface.


We use a new port, for example 255

On the server

If you want to redirect the port for a single IP address:

redir --syslog --lport=255 --laddr=82.76.xxx.xxx --cport=25&

For all IP's

redir --syslog --lport=255 --cport=25&

where lport is the port redir will listen on, cport is the port to connect to, our blocked port

put --syslog option if you want redir messages to be logged to the system log

Put this line in a script that runs at startup